An overall view of traditional native wilderness skills. Topics include a time line of North America, food gathering and hunting developments, transportation, shelter variations, and native flute  music. This is a very open and flexible program which can include a fire by friction demonstration among other special woodcraft skills.

The Traditional Experience

In this special 2 hour program, Mike  (with audience participants) will be setting up a full size plains  hunting  tipi, while discussing his first hand experience of living in this unique shelter. Why do they face east? Can you really have a fire in one? These questions and many more will be answered by your guide.

The North American Tipi

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Traditional Earth Skills

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 Traditional Earth Skills of North America

Living History Presentations

Our presentation series is designed as a lecture program which includes plenty of display items, along with question and answer time. Please let us know if you have any special needs or requests.  Most of our presentations run about 1 hour, but we are glad to tailor our programs to meet your individual needs.

“A field trip without the bus”


From  Crazy Horse to Quanah Parker Here is the story of the native plains people. Beginning in the early dog days of a wandering people to the Battle of Little Big Horn. This is a fascinating story of the buffalo hunters and their families who struggled to save their land and their culture. 

Nomads of the Plains

(A day in the life) Step back in time as we present the day to day activities of New Jersey's own native people. The food, clothing, and shelter of the local  hunter / gathering people will be presented along with many handmade display items to view.

Lenape of the Eastern Woodlands

Enhance your program atmosphere with native flute music. As a featured act or simply as background music to your open house or special event, the organic tones relax everyone that hears this beautiful sound. Please let us know if period buckskins are needed for your event.


Native Flute Music


In this presentation the fascinating story of Lewis and Clark’s journey will be told. From the early planning of Thomas Jefferson  to the many discoveries and adventures by the Corp of Discovery, This is an amazing story. of courage, determination, and virtue. Included are many unique display items.

The Lewis and Clark Classroom Presentation