Our workshop series is designed to be a very hands on experience, with both demonstration and direct instruction for your chosen topic  Our workshops run about 60 minutes unless  otherwise specified. We do offer a 30 minute demonstration for some programs with brief hands on time. Call for more details.





These 2 hour programs are designed to give teachers and instructors the skills to demonstrate any of our workshop courses. This workshop is designed to be very topic specific  to allow maximum  academic understanding along with sufficient hand on skill practice. Please call for further details.

Teacher/Instructor Training Programs

The forests of the Northeast were filled with dome shaped lodges we know today as Wigwams.

With the assistance of volunteers, we will as a community be building a life sized Wigwam approximately 14 feet in diameter. Used as an outdoor classroom or historic structure these  Lenape styled, reed covered shelters add a vision of  historic pride to any camp, nature center, or private property. We do require framework saplings to come from the property,  The average cost which includes framework,  liner and covering, is $2400 depending on size and location. With minimal maintinence  have seen a 4-5  year life span in most of our wigwams

Building a Wigwam

Students will be learning both Bow Drill as well as the Hand Drill of the desert Southwest. Botanical materials that have proven successful will be discussed, along with form and technique. Our focus will be to get students experienced in hands on practice.

Fire by Friction

Learn how the local native people used plants for food, medicine, tools, shelter, and so much more. We will be in the field discovering the many natural gifts that surround us.

Plants used by the Lenape

This is always a fun class. We will be in the field following both animal and human tracks . Track patterns will be discussed as well as signs of passing wildlife. This course will introduce students to the fascinating art of discovering and following tracks and sign.

Introduction to Tracking and Sign

This is a special 2 day 4 hour course that gives students the opportunity to both build and gain instruction in North America's own woodwind instrument. Day one is spent in a construction and lecture program. using a multi step process to create hide glue, and assemble the flute. Day 2 will be spent finishing the flute and finally focusing on an introductory playing lesson. Handouts will be provided for further playing instruction. Material fee is $40.00 per student (this course has a 3 hour fee plus  2 day travel expense).

Learn to Build and Play the Native Flute

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 Traditional Earth Skills of North America

Living History Presentations

We offer quite a few programs designed to help enhance the Scouting experience. Among these are the Lenape native American presentation, fire by friction, local plant uses, and a very fun  Atlatl dart throw.( The atlatl is an ancient dart thrower used by early hunter / gathering peoples throughout the world. ) As a scout himself in the late 70’s Mike always  strives to provide a very entertaining and informative program.

Scouting Events and Workshops

Sew your own moccasins from inexpensive canvas, or the more authentic and preferred leather. Please specify either the Lenape style pucker-toe center seam, or the plains style side seam for the workshop. Material fee is currently  / $10.00 for canvas / $40.00 for leather per student.  Please call for material availability. We have found through our experience that canvas moccasins can be prepared in a 60-90 minute session however for leather we recommend a 2 hour program to allow for careful measuring and added sewing time.


Moccasin Workshop