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Traditional Earth Skills of North America -   


       A brief biography



Combining a lifelong passion of  North American history, with an ongoing study of traditional wilderness skills Mike Dennis began his journey in 1995 while living in Austin Texas. He spent significant time involved in geologic research, wilderness exploration and continually learning the life-ways of the desert southwest's earliest people.


In November of 1998, while living in his home state of New Jersey , Mike began an intensive study of native wilderness skills and botany. Within a year of beginning courses at the Tracker school, Mike started working on the Indian Island of Waterloo Village. There tourists were able to benefit from Mike's knowledge and skills.


Combining his love of travel with a passion for learning his chosen arts, a home was made in the coastal range of the Pacific Northwest. Mike spent time learning the ways of the salmon and elk, along with some of the history of our own ever changing North American continent. It was during this time in 2003 while completely immersing himself in nature that many of the previously acquired wilderness skills were truly put to the test.      


In 2005 Mike took all of his woodworking knowledge to Spokane Washington where he built his first birch bark canoe.


Upon returning to Sussex County, New Jersey in 2006, Traditional Earth Skills of North America was founded..


Traditional Earth Skills offers a variety of living history as well as wilderness skills workshops and presentations to schools, scouts. camps, and outdoor education centers, among others. These programs are combined with a genuine concern for our own recent climate changes occurring world wide, ultimately hoping to create solutions we can all live with.



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