Traditional Earth Skills of North America

Living History Presentations

The Climate Project

The Climate Project is a movement to educate and challenge citizens, and governments into action against the growing crisis of global warming. As a non-profit group, they work to bring education, community information, research and citizen action programs to communities across the country.

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The Bradshaw Foundation

Journey of Mankind, the peopling of the World

Tipi Makers

Tipi site dedicated to all the people around the world who have ever studied the American Indian tipi and wanted to live the life of freedom on the Plains that this structure represents. It is also dedicated to all those who wanted to own, have owned, or will own a lodge in the future.

Tipi Photos

Photos from the incredible Linda Holley site

The Bark Canoe Store

Featuring handmade birchbark canoes, fiberglass birch bark replica canoes and museum quality miniature birch bark canoes.

Prairie Wolf

Good source for information on primitive wilderness living and outdoor survival skills.

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